CheeseFrench artisan soft cheese: Reblochon VS Camembert

May 17, 2019by Ines Perrier0

It is getting more commonplace to see international cheese selection in the supermarket. If you ever encounter difficulties choosing the cheese for dinner, it is not strange at all! There are thousands of types of cheese in the world! To help your next cheese shopping, Pata Negra House is providing you some introductory information on cheese. This week, we have Camembert and Reblochon.

These two types of French cheese share some common grounds: they are cheese of artisan; they are soft in general; they both smell earthy; their colours are close to beige; their tastes are on the mild side. Nonetheless, they differ on other main aspects that tell them apart.

The outer sides of the two cheese may appear similar, but they have some different features. The rind of Camembert is tender and bloomy (with zig-zag-like pattern resulted from its particular fungi). On the other hand, the rind of Reblochon is washed and rather smooth. There are white spots on top which are moulds.

The two rinds are edible and palatable. Some food critics even recommend to consume the cheese with the rind for it brings out the more of the “Subtle and Earthy” flavours.

Taste and texture
The two relatively-mild cheeses contain some earthy smell but taste very differently. Camembert is pale yellow and has a buttery and creamy taste. Its texture is like condensed milk which is easy for beginners to savour. Reblochon, in contrast, is mushroomy and herbal. The ivory cheese has a compact and rather dense texture. The taste would stick in the mouth for a period of time.

The creaminess of Camembert makes it good enough to pair with simply a fresh warm baguette. Camembert is also well-known to be consumed hot. As simple as Mac and Cheese, or as occasionally as barbecue, can the cheese make the dish abundant with nutty flavour and milky consistency.

If your prefer the authentic raw while mushroomy flavour of Reblochon, you should pair it with bread in room temperature. However, to make it the wonderful chemistry that the smear-ripened cheese bring to a dish, do try to cook with it! Reblochon features as a classic ingredient in the Tartiflette, a baked potato dish best-loved by the Alps!

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