Ham From Andalusia
02 Sep. 2011

If we had to choose between all the cured and salted meats and sausages which abound in Spain, the general opinion would be "jamon iberico de bellota" (Iberian cured ham deriving from pigs which have been fed exclusively on acorns). All the cured ham produced in the mountain ranges of Huelva and Cordoba is exceptional. It is difficult to find a product with such a rich aroma, with such a full taste, with such a soft texture, so nutritive and at the same time so healthy due to its composition of monounsaturated fatty acids.

Iberico, Pata Negra, Jabugo...?
27 Aug. 2011

Iberico, Pata Negra, Jabugo.. all these names look similar but what are the real meaning.

The breeding of the pig is Iberico in Spanish and Iberian in English. This name come from the old name of the Spanish Peninsula: Iberia.

Pata Negra means black hoof in Spanish. It refers to the pig's hoof which is usually black for the Iberico pig.

Jabugo is a town in Andalusia which is famous for the Iberico ham. Its climate is very hot thus the hams are stronger in flavours.

The pigs live in the forest called Dehesa in Spain where they eat grass and acorns: Bellota.

Jota is a traditional Spanish dance, but has not link with the ham...

How to serve the ham?
05 Jul. 2011

 ~ Take the pack out of the fridge 30min before serving.
~ Rinse the pack with hot water for 10seconds, slices of ham will be easier to separate.
~ Serve the ham on a hot plate to reveal more flavours.

Red Wine
04 Jul. 2011

Open your bottle of red wine in advance (20min to 1 hr) in order to let the wine breathe. it will enhance the smells and flavours.

Ham and Wine pairing
03 Jul. 2011

Sparkling wine and Iberico ham for a festive moment. the bubbles lighten up the ham and bring more flavours.
Serrano ham and ale beers, a refreshing pairing for summertime meals.